Prophetic Focus:
December 2021 Prophetic Focus

Prophetic Focus For Dec 2021

Turnaround greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Without any doubt, we have been equipped with diverse biblical tools to operate in the realm of more than a conqueror at the just concluded Shiloh 2021, but we have to emphasis at this point, the importance of thanksgiving and praise as a lifestyle for us to secure our place in that new realm

What then is the Holy Ghost saying for the Month of December 2021?

New birth is one of the vital mysteries of kingdom – Jhn 3:8

By redemption, believers are now members of God’s own family, where ever member carries the more than a conqueror’s DNA in their bloodstream – Eph. 2:19

Every child of God has been translated from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light, where the power of darkness has no more or authority over him anymore – Col. 1:13

By redemption, we are now seated in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, far above principalities and powers – Eph. 2:5-8/ Eph. 1:20-21

But all of the above truth requires a lifestyle of thanksgiving to be fully realized in our lives

As we all know, thanksgiving and praise ushers believers into the presence of God, where He shows us the path of life among others – Psa. 100:4/ Psa. 16:11

A lifestyle of thanksgiving and praise entitles believers to harbour God’s presence – Psa. 22:3

When a believer carries God’s presence, he operates as more than conqueror over life’s situations and circumstances– Psa. 114:1-7/ Dan. 3:17-28/ Dan. 6:20-23

This is why thanksgiving is a vital mystery behind operating in the realm of more than a conqueror by believers – Psa. 119:111/ Mak 13:37

Among others, we have the example Abraham, Joseph, David, Daniel and Paul the apostle among those who engage the mystery of thanksgiving and praise to secure their place in the realm of more than a conqueror.

Therefore, the prophetic focus for the month of December 2021 is:

Thanksgiving empowers the redeemed Hab. 3:17-19

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Remain ever blessed. 

Jesus is Lord!

David O. Oyedepo

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Prophetic Theme for the Year 2021

The Year 2021, being the 40th anniversary of this commission:

Exodus 3: 7-9

Deut 8:7-9, Deut 11:10-12

Deut 11:14

Deut 11:24

Deut 8:13

I Samuel 3:21

Deut 11:23

Deut 11:21

Zech 8:23